iconnect services is proud to make some of the advance wareless technology available to residents and businesses in it service area. The technical form of our services is "Fixed Wareless Broadband Internet ", which is exactly what the name of implies -high speed Internet without wires,fixed to specific locations.



Iconnect services promises you reliable speed and stable network. Even if your are in a remote location we can provide you the best broadband quality that is available across the city.We have fiber optic back bone which improves redundancy and latency. Now you can start work from home with confident by Netfire's seamless connectivity. With Netfire latest technology speed your web browsing,download faster, enjoy high definition video calling and watch HD vidoes without streaming.


Iconnect services is designed at the outset with robust security in mind.We use advanced wimax security algorithm for wireless connectivity with the standard that includes state-of-the-art methods for ensuring user data privacy and preventing unauthorized access with additional protocol optimization for mobility. Netfire provides a flexible means for authenticating subscriber stations and users to prevent unauthorized use.



Delighting you, and every single one of our customers, is absolutely the top most priority for Netfire. We have worked very hard over the last four years to earn your trust. Everything that we have achieved at Netfire is purely on the basis of our customer's trust and faith.









  • 512 Kbps Speed
  • Unlimited Data
  • Multi User
  • 1100/- Monthly


  • 768 Kbps Speed
  • Unlimited Data
  • Multi User
  • 1650/- Monthly


  • 1 Mbps Speed
  • Unlimited Data
  • Multi User
  • 2200/- Monthly


  • 1.5 Mbps Speed
  • Unlimited Data
  • Multi User
  • 3200/- Monthly